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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you design a custom home?

There are many factors that must be considered in the design of a custom home. First and foremost are the desires and needs of the homeowner. Their comfort is of paramount importance. Site orientation is then considered; how can the home be situated on the land to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the environment (slope, sun, wind, water). Next, the internal workings of the structure must be analyzed to insure that the heating and cooling requirements will be minimal. Finally, the aesthetics of the home will be incorporated into the design. Our team of architects, engineers, and consultants work hard to insure that all criteria are met. Only after final approval of the design process will construction begin.

2. How long does it take Plum Creek Builders to build a home?

Because all homes we construct are true customs, there is no set time. Each home is unique with regards to its floor plan, engineering, and surrounding environment. Once plans are finalized, the actual construction process requires 6-9 months.

3. How much does Plum Creek Builders charge to build a home?

Since each home we build is a true custom, it results in a wide range of competitive pricing that can usually be identified after an initial consultation. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.

4. Does Plum Creek Builders’ emphasis on energy efficiency increase the cost of the home?

There is widespread misconception, primarily among production builders, that building energy efficient homes costs a lot more than building homes that are drafty, moldy, with high heating and cooling costs and are generally uncomfortable for its inhabitants. While some segments of construction may initially incur some slight increase in cost, we must look at the operating costs of the home over time. For example, suppose that the initial cost of incorporating a high efficiency heating/cooling system, efficient windows and doors, and upgraded insulation levels amount to $10,000.00; however, the heating and cooling requirements are reduced by $200.00 per month. Over a five year period, this results in a savings of $12,000.00!

5. What are the "Energy Star" features in Plum Creek Builders' homes?

Our homes are built to the EPA ENERGY STAR performance guidelines.  Plum Creek Builders' homes are independently verified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy efficiency, indicating to consumers that our energy-efficient homes are more comfortable, more durable, cost less to own, and are better for the environment.  Click on the following links for more information:

List of Energy Star Features
in Plum Creek Builders Homes

Performance advantages
of Plum Creek Builders Homes

Would you like to watch the electric meter actually run BACKWARDS on your new Plum Creek Builders’ home? We can show you how!